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I walk down the road,I remember your tousled hair.The wind whispers your name,I feel your touch in the air.Time spent with you,Is my best time ever.No matter what I talk about with you,It's my best conversation ever.I like it when you brush your hand against mine,I like it when you whisper into my ear.I like … Continue reading You…

Bulbbul Got Me Thinking

Beaming that my article on the movie Bulbbul​ published on Women’s Web​.

If you’ve not seen the movie, please do so before reading the article. I tried to keep away from spoilers but a couple may have sneaked in.


An Ordinary Girl

I find it difficult to follow web series. It is a task keep watching season after season, being left on a cliff-hanger in a season finale, & remembering the previous one when a new season hits. I prefer movies infinitely & OTT has made it possible for short movies to be made. So, when I was recommended Bulbbul, I jumped at the chance. I had seen the trailer; the horror element interested me further. So, we watched the flick a night along with dinner.

This is not my ‘review’ of the movie. This is a compilation of all the thoughts that came into my mind during & after the movie. I thought about the different aspects of the movie for almost an hour before I could sleep that night.

How does a husband thrash his wife in such a way that all the bones in her feet & leg…

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Complex Issues

An Ordinary Girl

Over the last few weeks, a thought has been nagging me. Indians are a strange lot. We love chattering but only about shiny, happy matters. Broach a complicated question and we clam up. In fact, we can go on for hours about geopolitics or the latest Bollywood gossip, but do not utter even a squeak about things that truly affect our lives. Maybe, we think that not chatting about it will make it go away.

People only want to see glowing pregnancy & adorable baby photographs. Nobody wants to communicate about things like miscarriages, high risk pregnancies & fertility treatments.

People only want to see in-love couple & shiny wedding photos. Nobody wants to converse about divorces & heartbreaks.

People only want to hear about awards, promotions & salary hikes. Nobody wants to express about layoffs & toxic office cultures.

People only want to know about…

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His smile; his gentle demeanor; his impeccable manners – They had all swept her off her feet. She had felt then that it was the end of her search; that she had found happiness finally. Little was she to know… It had been a pleasant summer evening. He had politely asked her mother if he … Continue reading PERFECTLY SANE