It Took Me Just 15 Days To Have An Affair

Photo, Simon Matzinger, Canva

A fictional story related to the odd-even rule in Delhi On the odd days, I hitched a ride with him in his Verna. On the even days, he escorted me in my City. We had lived in the same condominium but it had taken the odd-even rule for us to meet. Heck, I did not… Continue reading It Took Me Just 15 Days To Have An Affair

Give A Break To HR Folks!

There are so many misconceptions about HR it is not even funny. Unfortunately, people usually do not even try to get an alternate perspective on this, unless they watch it up, close & personal… My husband had the same fallacies about HR! But his outlook changed once he realized what I did for a living.… Continue reading Give A Break To HR Folks!

The Stillness of Death


The wind touches me. A chill runs down my spine. Never had I imagined that the place so close to my heart would become my own graveyard. The day I had come here, nothing was more perfect. But things had to change. It had always been like this, had it not? Just when I had… Continue reading The Stillness of Death

It is easier to be Narayanmurthy than to be Sudha Murthy

A few years ago, my father, one of my friends & I entered into a discussion which made me think a lot. The topic revolved around how every individual has an absolutely different view on marriage. My father mentioned the various perspectives that emerge. There are people who treat marriage as a formality. They do… Continue reading It is easier to be Narayanmurthy than to be Sudha Murthy

Sky Isn’t the Limit

There is no age to stop learning. We strive to absorb something new every single day from every available opportunity. In the last few years, India has witnessed events that have given me a lot to learn from. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched Chandrayaan II a few days back. If all goes well… Continue reading Sky Isn’t the Limit


I have had a fondness for the English language since I was five. This was in spite of English not being my mother tongue. I was a voracious reader, and used to marvel at the stories authors could weave. With age, I progressed from Enid Blyton to Agatha Christie to Jeffery Archer to Ayn Rand,… Continue reading Blogging…

Ending up as one of the 25 most popular writers on Women’s Web!

In April 2018, I wrote an article on Women's Web on 'female blackout' (read it here). My basic premise was that women need more presence, not less. My piece got its share of bouquets & brickbats, thanks to the perception a few readers got that I was being condescending & shaming women who were exercising… Continue reading Ending up as one of the 25 most popular writers on Women’s Web!


national flag, indian flag, tricolour

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to show any individual or community or nationality in a negative light. It is an outcome of the blogger's introspection, & should be used for self-assessment. Over the last few days, patriotism came to the forefront in India (& maybe in Pakistan too). Ranging from the conservative form to… Continue reading DO YOU CALL YOURSELF PATRIOTIC?


I met a woman an eon ago who wove dreams with me & with whom I made a lifetime plan Calling it love will belittle it but what do you say when Her image brings a smile, her voice carries my soul It's a void with her not around Life is meaningless I'm hanging in… Continue reading IN ANOTHER LIFE…


I am an aspiring minimalist. The entire 2017, I felt guilty and horrified at the number of clothes I had. I had gathered ~100 saris, most of them gifted. My clothes occupied two bed boxes and three wardrobes. Every time I opened my wardrobes, my guilt increased. I felt bad giving away stuff, as I… Continue reading MINIMALIST

The Night It Rained

rainy, night

The morning sky was not blue The fog screened the horizon The sun did not appear at noon The afternoon had a mist about it… The evening came quietly, Bringing with it a wind that chilled the bones & then the night descended The night I thought of you... The night I felt away from… Continue reading The Night It Rained

Free Will

The only bit about my life that was not in my hands was my birth. Maybe my death won’t be either. But, in between, I've the power to make/ break my life. I've free will. I may be an early bird. I may be a nocturnal creature. It's my will. I may be an athlete.… Continue reading Free Will