He breathed his last…

I pulled the blanket closer to my chin. She read a few more chapters of the novel while she was on the potty seat. I fussed over the broken screen of my watch. She groaned inwardly thinking about her large feet. I made a mental note to buy a new toothpaste. She brought the tea to boil, getting frustrated over the lack of colour in it. I scrolled for interesting memes while sipping tea. She packed neatly, putting away a dress for each day. I picked out the clothes for washing, separating the whites from the coloured, smiling at my clothes-racism. She debated whether she should bathe in this cold. I fumed over the cook’s absence. She stepped out and wrapped her sweater around her. I looked at myself in the mirror and swore to bring in discipline. She stacked the clothes in the almirah, sharing a private joke with herself on her OCD. I opened Facebook on my phone to check what was happening in other people’s lives. She sent a ‘love you’ text on reaching. I groaned at the thought of another slow day. She opened her email & started her day’s work. I told my parents I could not visit them this weekend. She ordered an album online, marvelling at the ease of shopping these days. I sipped on the green tea, wondering for the umpteenth time why I drank that horrible thing. She smiled and made small talk with colleagues. I debated whether sending an email or buzzing on communicator or sending a whatsapp chat/ SMS or calling would be the most effective. She sent a text to plan the coming weekend. I suddenly remembered I had not spoken to a friend for quite some time, but now was hardly the right time. She patiently listened to a colleague’s personal life anecdotes, and mentally rolled her eyes. I shoved my lunch down my throat while staring at my laptop screen, and wondered why I was allowing myself to become so unfit. She sighed and started off on another small bit of work; these seem to be never-ending. I called up an old colleague and exchanged gossip on who quit, who got married, who was seeing whom. She glanced at her watch and wished it to move faster. I listened to the radio and worked myself up over non-governance and mis-management. She kicked her shoes away and dropped her bags to the ground. I fussed over the dinner menu and preparation. She sat down to eat with her significant other; they exchanged stories about their days. I took a look around the house and decided tomorrow would be the cleaning day. She rested her head on the pillow and soon got swept away to another land. While we were so caught up in our lives, he breathed his last…


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