Comfort is a Plus!

Finally, I get to talk about what my ‘style’ is, thanks to the ‘A Style of My Own’ blogger contest by Women’s Web and Trishla emart.

I believe style to be quite an abused term. Sonam Kapoor is supposed to have it, but Vidya Balan is not. But does this not go contradictory to the definition of style – ‘a distinctive appearance’? What makes us distinct from others is what our style is. Vidya Balan distinguishes herself with the saris she wears; that is her style. Sonam Kapoor dons designer western outfits; that is hers.

Now that I have taken this weight off my chest of giving the word ‘style’ its due, I will talk about mine. But, I have a confession to make here. I am large, no, uh, gigantic. I am 5’8” and stopped counting my weight sometime back. I have never been thin. When I was born, I was gigantic. And, I do not think I will ever be thin, because my body constitution does not allow me to be so. There, I said it. Another weight lifted. With great acceptance, surely comes great relief!

Now that you have a mental image of me, I will continue about what I term as my style. For me, fads and trends are a no-no, even when I was not-so-gigantic and used to wear a size M. I never really got my head around why I would need to splurge on clothes and accessories that would come and go. From the time I developed a mind of my own, I opted for basics and solids and the time-tested. I refused to squeeze myself into peplum tops or palazzo pants or anarkalis. For me, my comfort and my subtlety were supreme.

For my day-to-day requirements, I rely on kurtas and churidars/ salwars. I have churidars/ salwars in the standard colours and they go with almost all the shades that kurtas come in. I cannot wear sequins or stones as they irritate my skin and make me uncomfortable. I opt for cotton kurtas from FabIndia/ G/ Sabhyata, preferably collared and long-sleeved. For a Friday dressing, I swap the churidar/ Salwar with a pair of regular-cut jeans. As I said, comfort!


Kurta & Jeans- My preferred travel gear. & Sneakers, of course!

For family events, I love my saris. By trial and error, I have realised that for tall and plus-sized people, it is better to go for thicker fabrics and to stay away from chiffons; no matter how pretty Yash Chopra’s female actors looked in them. Women my age (psst, I am 29 in case you were wondering) hardly wear saris. Western dresses and anarkalis rule the roost. And, thus, my sari absolutely makes me stand out.


Because… saris!

For an evening out with friends, I swear by not-so-little black dresses. You cannot go wrong with them. Ever! And it does not have to be a plain black; a black base with tiny prints in other colours works as well. For a large-bodied person, sundresses do a great job too. They hide the flab at the right places and never give an iota of discomfort. I love knee-length skirts too. I never have to worry if too much of my leg is showing or if I need to sit in a particular way.


Sundresses for the afternoons, something in black for the nights…


Take a knee-length skirt, comfortable cotton/ linen top & a jacket to ward off the cold. And, you’re set to roll! Oh wait, don’t forget the sneakers.

The last on my comfort list are sneakers. I hate torturing my feet. Neither flats nor heels provide the kind of comfort that sneakers do. Wherever possible, I opt for them. If not sneakers, I go for closed-toe shoes. They can make the ugliest of feet look pretty!


Closed-toes… Making ugly feet look pretty since eternity!

For a long time, I struggled with wanting to fit in, wanting to dress and accessorize like all other petite and regular-build people. It took a while for me to accept myself the way I was and to develop my own sense of dressing. With time, I managed to marry class to comfort to simplicity. Today, I smile when I look at myself in the mirror. Lady, you have got ‘style’!!


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