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Six & The City

Friendships are not cast in stone. Not every set of friends can be a Jai-Veeru story. Why am I suddenly musing about this? Well, August is the ‘friendship month’ or so the entire commercial world would want me to believe.

Seeing all the brouhaha around me, I could not help but think back to the time when I knew six friends who fell apart. Three moved away for reasons best known to them while the remainder did not know who was right & who was not.

Sounds like one of those drama series on Netflix, does it not? Wish it was just that – a story – but it was not.

The six came together in college. Initially, they were eight but two left the college due to one or the other reason. Remained six who had the best time of their life together. College was too perfect to be true; their friendship, exemplary. But as is true with every perfect story, this one had its twist too.

Misunderstandings surfaced. There had been misunderstandings in the past too; but now, it blew out of proportion.

One of them went away for higher studies after college. In the new place, she realized what the world was about, and the value of true friendship. There was none with whom she could share her small joys nor the pains that wrecked her soul.


The days of laughter with her friends or of being comforted seemed like memories from another life. They had all been there for each other, be it a calm sea, a sunny day or a rough weather.

But now, her friends bickered. She was a neutral party. She intervened as it hurt to see her friends reducing to acquaintances. Soon, the same friends did not even want to see each other.

Life is too short to spend arguing. What someone means to you is fully appreciated when they are away from you. She realized then & the other five realized it too. But by then, it was too late. At times, she wishes she could travel back in time and set things right.

People crib, complain, squabble – at least they have someone to crib about & someone to squabble with. Imagine a life without friends & a support system. Nothing can be as difficult as that life.

Tears will roll down your cheeks but there will be none to wipe them. A smile will come to your lips & fade away; there will be none to notice it. Being the inexpressive person, I am, I may not articulate it often. But life is meaningless without friends.

Apologize when needed.


Be thankful for the little gestures.

Do not take your friend for granted.

Try to understand a friend’s state of mind & talk to her/ him accordingly.

Do not give your opinion if a little voice inside you says ‘no’.

Stop your friend from being foolish.

Do not expect your friend to toe your line.


My friendships have aged like wine, & the wheat has separated from the chaff, but whatever I have now, I will not let it go.

“True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.”
– Charles Caleb Colton

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