I Avenge

You try & you try again

You feel you’re succeeding

You nearly get me there

You’re close to winning


I’m letting you win

With no strength left in me

It’s tough to fight back

I just want you to set me free


But deep down, I’m not ready

Ready for your victory

It’s an unfair battle

You strong & the lonely me


Thus, I struggle

& pose a challenge

You can’t steal my smile

It’s time for my revenge


I’m not called sunshine without reason

I’ve brought cheer to many

There’s no cause for me to die

A living death doesn’t become me


I’ve taken a vow

I’ll avenge every single tear

I’m not sad anymore

I don’t have any fear


I’m angry & I’m bitter

You, life, have abandoned me

But I’ve not known to quit ever

The strong you & the stronger me…



Feature Image Courtesy: The Internet


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