You’ll Be Missed

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I have always been proud of being unattached to material possessions. It is not that I do not value my belongings. In fact, I take good care of them. But I do not attach undue importance to at least 90% of my possessions. I thus usually do not get heartbroken if something breaks/ tears occasionally. Or even while de-cluttering – I am happy to give away things I have not used for quite some time.

I was then caught by surprise when I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach when N decided to sell our car. A beautiful Hyundai Verna, it was running smooth & strong even after eight years. But thanks to vehicular rules in Delhi NCR, we could not continue with our diesel car once it touched the 10-year mark.

Even pine needles seemed to love it… At Kasauli!

I was surprised to find myself sad because I have seen more cars being bought & sold in my 35 years of existence than most people do in a lifetime. & I have never been sad before when any of these vehicles parted from us. On brooding further, I realized it was because the Verna had been an integral part of N & my marriage.

When I first met N, he had later dropped me home in the Verna.

N’s ‘barat’ came in the Verna & my ‘vidai’ happened in it.

Decked up…
To bring me home!

The Verna took us to all our date nights.

Date nights… Parathas at Moolchand

It tolerated all the narrow lanes that Google Maps pushed it into.

I scared N by putting my feet up on the dashboard.

Most of our road trips happened in the Verna.

At Chamera Dam
Standing pretty with heritage at Churu
My love at a place of love…
On the tiger trail in Sariska
The boy & his beast at Chakrata!

It conquered some horrible roads on our travels.

From Bharmour to Chamba… A true test of this car!

We stuffed truckloads of luggage in the ample boot space of the Verna.

Stuffing ourselves in the car & ample luggage in the boot space

We argued a few times in the Verna. We joked many more times.

It saw us through the seven – year itch!

There will be another car, but it will not have the same memories as those we’d with the Verna.

Saying goodbye with a heavy heart 😥

My throat still gets choked thinking about not seeing that gorgeous beast in our parking. You will always have my heart sweetheart!

P. S. I don’t intend to ridicule/ undermine the real losses people suffered in 2020 – either their loved ones or financially – by this blog post. I was fortunate to come out of the pandemic year unscathed except for this setback. This post is just my emotion regarding the car I held/ hold dear to me.

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